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You're never out of reach with Universal.

Universal has served the Cruise Ship Industry for the past 35 years. We are proud of our reputation as a dependable source for medical supplies and equipment. Our network services virtually every major Port of Call around the world. Our global experience allows Universal to offer our customers a wide range of services. We are among the world's leading medical suppliers to the marine industry, and offer many services, ranging from design and consultancy of new ship builds, to supply, service and certification to the commercial sector, leisure and superyacht markets.

Streamlined Distribution

Our worldwide network, distribution system, plus our preferred customer status with air freight contractors enables us to keep shipping costs extremely low. On domestic orders, our prices include delivery to any U.S. port.

No Port is Out Of Our Way

Delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours of your order. This includes hard reaching ports that other suppliers don't service. From Anchorage to Capetown, Singapore to Dubai, when you need medical supplies. Universal delivers.

Your Emergency Is Our Priority

We can guarantee delivery within 24 hours, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 365 days a year. Universal is there for any last minute needs. If required, a registered Pharmacist will board your vessel to help your ship's doctor and medical staff evaluate your inventory.


Universal will provide your Medical Advisory Services with complete documentation of your ship's medical supplies, so that they can better serve you at sea.

Universals Medical Team

Which included Pharmacist's, Doctors and fully trained ships medical stores advisors can board your vessel, in any U.S, European or UK port, to help update your ship's medicine chest, advice on new build requirements and make sure it complies with W.H.O, National and International regulations.

Medical Advice At Sea

When faced with an emergency at sea, it's reassuring to know that you have the services of fully trained doctors at hand to help. Using our Remote Emergency Services R.E.S Universal can assist with medical situations at sea via our Emergency Line Number. Should a situation arise that requires direct medical assistance or infection outbreak, we can fly one of our Doctors to your location to assist/advise and control the situation. We are affiliated with George Washington University Hospital Emergency Care Unit.

The Language Barrier Is No Barrier

We use the standard cross referencing guides and lists to insure you of the correct drugs. We will translate foreign languages and supply you with the equivalent U.S.F.D.A. drug. Cruise ships rely on Universal in Alaska, the Carribbean, Bermuda, the Mediterranean, the Hawaii'n Islands, and around the world.

Quantity Discounts

Universal's buying strength enables us to purchase healthcare products in massive volume for cruise ships, freighters, tankers, and government vessels. As a wholesaler, we are able to pass big savings on to you through lower unit prices.

Inventory Control

Universal can provide you with a year-end inventory report so that you can project the coming year's marine medical supply needs.

New Shipbuilding

Our expertise for the initial outfitting of new ships under construction is known around the world. Our staff of registered pharmacists and medical consultants are prepared to customize your new ship's medicine chest to meet the specific requirements of your vessel. Universal will supply everything from aspirin to hospital beds. And with our expertise in certification procedures, we can supply national and international certification on new vessels under construction.

Special Labeling

Since tankers and freighters are not staffed with an on-board physician, at Universal we understand the importance of clear product labeling. Every item purchased from us contains an expiry date, and a Product ID number which can easily be cross referenced with the national and International Medicine Chest at Sea requirements and the list published by the World Health Organization. When placing an order from a foreign port, simply use the reference number. We will translate the language and supply you with equivalent drug.

Ships Hospital Supply

Universal can supply your ships hospital with all its seagoing needs. We are in compliance with all World Health Organization, United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA), and Flags of Convenience requirements. From medicines to surgical equipment Universal can meet all you vessels needs.

Medical Chest Certification

The World Health Organization has recently updated maritime medical requirements. Contact us directly for all updated information or let Universal quote you directly and make any necessary adjustments to bring your vessel's requirement up to date.

Emergency Support

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at any port of call, Universal is prepared to handle any emergency your vessel may encounter.

Surgical Supplies

Universal can provide any surgical equipment needed on your vessel.

First Aid Kits

Universal Provides vessels with first aid kits including burn kits, life boat kits, and any other first aid kits necessary for your vessel.

Water Disinfectants

Universal uses United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products for ecoli results within 24 hours. All Universal products follow standard methods of examination of water and waste water.

Medical Gases

Universal has been supplying vessels worldwide with all of oxygen/calibration gases, tanks, and all other accessories.

Medical Disposables

Please contact Universal in regards to the proper procedures and regulations for the disposal of all expired or unnecessary medications on board.


Universal supplies any pharmaceuticals your vessel may need to any port of call worldwide.

Medical Publications

Allow universal to keep you up to date each year with the most current medical publications required onboard your vessel.