Our world-leading remote health and safety services extend in to the humanitarian and non-governmental organizations (NGO) fields. From screening of field staff in remote conditions to emergency supply of medical products/services during crisis situations, we can ensure you are always prepared.

Our team knows that our clients’ people in the field rely on us to keep them healthy, keep them safe and keep them able to work efficiently on the ground. Often, their responsibilities involve working in remote and extremely high risk areas that are unstable and unpredictable. We provide workers the confidence to focus on their duties knowing they are being carefully watched over, and we provide you the opportunity to manage operational risk on a global scale.

  • Alerts and updates to individuals and organization
  • Remote medical and travel support
  • Field hospital setups and medical services
  • Bulk medical supply delivery
  • Responsive, world-leading security
  • Evacuation/repatriation of field staff