Telemedicine & Remote Advice

Unimed offers an Emergency Line telephone number for 24/7 remote emergency support. For incidents requiring direct medical assistance or infection outbreak, our doctors can be flown to your location to advise and take control of the situation. From any location in the world, our clients have direct access via phone, email or through our video-teleconference unit to emergency physicians as well as over 550 specialty physicians for immediate, remote medical consultation.

Unimed is affiliated with George Washington University Hospital Emergency Care Unit.

  • 24/7 telemedicine support
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Global access to over 550 specialty physicians
  • Emergency medical kits

Mobile First Aid for Remote Environments

The SeeMed mobile app is ideal for remote locations, providing remote workers with access to emergency treatment guides even when they have little or no connectivity. The mobile app breaks down symptoms, products needed, treatment instructions, reference charts, and aftercare steps into clear sections with an abundance of visuals. The procedural instructions leverage the extensive remote industry knowledge of our medical experts, and call for products you are likely to have on hand. Available on Apple and Android devices.

For more information about how to download the SeeMed mobile app, please submit your information below and a representative will contact you shortly.