Inventory Management

Universal utilizes MedScale+ to offer a comprehensive inventory management solution that provides precise tracking, ongoing compliance monitoring and streamlined product sourcing like never before. MedScale+ is a technology-based service that has been designed to specifically overcome the challenges of medical chest management across remote locations.


Operational Efficiency

Rather than time-consuming inventory audits and frequent checking of expiry dates, remote workers simply need to record product usage as it occurs and we manage the rest. This allows the workers to spend more time focusing on their core responsibilities.

Streamlined Procurement

Eliminate the need for quoting cycles, purchase orders, and invoicing as all replenishment shipments are covered under the vessel’s annual fixed cost. Additional lead time allows for strategic deliveries with reduced processing time and paperwork.

Emergency Preparedness

MedScale+ manages inventory levels and product expiry to ensure that remote locations are always stocked with the proper supplies to react effectively in the case of injury or illness.

Budget Protection

Protect against excessive expenditure due to expiring items, high consumption rates, and expedited delivery charges. Receive high-quality services under one fixed cost per vessel.

Risk Management

Maintaining medical chest compliance not only delivers operational efficiencies and cost reductions, it also helps to mitigate the health and safety, reputational, operational, financial and legal risks that may result from a workplace incident.

In-Depth Reporting

The MedScale+ expansive data repository facilitates in-depth analysis and bespoke reporting based on our customers’ needs. This includes all inventory, delivery, and usage patterns that can inform other areas of the business such as training, human resources, and compliance.