Inventory Management

Unimed with MedScale+ delivers comprehensive inventory management solutions, precise tracking, compliance monitoring and streamlined product sourcing. MedScale+ addresses and manages the challenges consistent with remote-location medical chest management.



Streamlined Procurement

Eliminate the need for quoting cycles, purchase orders, and invoicing as all replenishment shipments are covered under the vessel’s annual fixed price.

Operational Efficiency

Remote workers are now able to conveniently conduct inventory audits and access expiry dates. Record product usage as it occurs, share your data and your refill needs are managed right away thus freeing up valuable time.

Emergency Preparedness

MedScale+ manages inventory levels and product expiry ensuring remote locations are stocked with needed supplies.

Data Analysis and Reporting

MedScale+ data collection and measurement facilitates the streamlining of inventory, delivery, and usage patterns used to analyze training, human resources, and compliance.

Budget Protection

Receive high-quality supplies with fixed cost service for each and every vessel in your fleet.

Risk Management

Medical chest compliance delivers operational efficiencies and reduces cost. Medscale+ service enhances health and safety, reputational, operational and financial and conditions onboard.