Medical Supply Services

Unimed carries a comprehensive inventory of medical supplies, equipment and oxygen products. We supply pharmaceuticals, anti-malarial medication, surgical supplies, oxygen, first aid kits, water disinfectants and medical reference publications needed. Our medical products are carefully labeled for clear identification. Every item delivered to a client is labeled with a product ID, expiration date, batch number and QR code.


Unimed offers a wide selection of foreign and domestic pharmaceutical products, including anti-malarial medications.

Surgical supplies

Unimed carries all the products and equipment needed to stock an infirmary or remote operating room.


Unimed supplies oxygen tanks, calibration gases, masks, tubing and all other related accessories.

First Aid Kits

Unimed creates and supplies an extensive variety of medical kits including burn, life boat, pediatric first aid and more.

Water Disinfectants

Unimed offers US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products for E. Coli results within 24 hours. All our products follow standard methods of examination of water and waste water.

Medical Reference Publications

We will keep you up-to-date at all times by providing the most current medical publications required onboard your vessel.